Tina! Bring Me The Ax!

Does the title of this post sound familiar?  If you’re a fan of the 1980’s film “Mommie Dearest” starring Faye Dunaway as legendary Joan Crawford, then you know exactly what that means!

Mommie Dearest is one of my favorite movies…not because I enjoy movies about child abuse, but because of its camp and high drama, mixed with old Hollywood glamour.  From her chopping down a rose bush in a gold dress, to screaming “Barbara Please! Please, Barbara!”  to “Don’t F**K with me FELLAS!”, to the infamous “NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!”  Mommie Dearest is a true camp classic and one which has been popular for years within the gay community.

WARNING:  Strong Language In This Clip

So, to commemorate this fabulous film, I am now offering one of my newest craft creations, the Mommie Dearest mini-birdhouse!  It is a beautiful mini wooden birdhouse, painted in Brown and Blue with high-quality Martha Stewart craft paints and a gloss top coat.  It has sparkling, dazzling swirls of blue glitter in the front, as well as dots of blue glitter on the rooftop.  There are also fabulous little metal embellishments in the same places.  What’s more, is that there are memorable images of Mommie Dearest and Christina (or as many call her, “Craptina”, because do we really believe all of those nasty things she wrote about her mother?).

So let’s begin with the photos of this cute and dramatic little mini-birdhouse:

The glittery, pretty front and top.

The glittery, pretty front.

“No Wire Hangers EVER!!!”

“I buy you $300 dresses and you treat them like dish rags!!!”

“Don’t F**K with me FELLAS!”

“Why can’t you give me the RESPECT that I am ENTITLED TO???”
“Because I am NOT one of your FAAANNNNNS!!!!”

“Let’s Go.”

“But there’s all this red juice when I push on it.”
“The DON’T push on it.”

“I am bigger and I will always beat you.”

“Clean up this MESS!”
“You figure it out.”

Now you may be wondering…were’s the rest of it?  Well…there might just be a Mommie Dearest jeweled, decorative egg ornament that I will be bringing out…could even be later today!  Mommie Dearest should only be given in doses, so this is the first dose!

The Mommie Dearest mini-birdhouse is available to you through my ArtFire studio for $20.  HOWEVER, if you purchase the Mommie Dearest mini-birdhouse after viewing this post, use Coupon Code MOMMIE250 to receive $2.50 Off!

There are more themed birdhouses to come so stay tuned!