It’s A Birdhouse Dahling

Just listed in my ArtFire Studio (I’m on Etsy now!) is a beautifully painted and decorated full-size black birdhouse with breathtaking flourishes of white among flourishes of sparkling, colorful glitter. It features imagery of the infamous Alexis Colby (or Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan) who came in at the onset of the second season of the hit 1980’s television prime time drama, “Dynasty”. I’ve also added some lovely Victorian-style embellishments around the roof of the birdhouse.

I painted this one-of-a-kind birdhouse with high quality Martha Stewart craft paint in black with flourishes of white. I then gave it a layer of protectant. Flourihes of glitter were added alternatively with the flourishes of white all around the birdhouse. Then, Victorian-style embellishments were added all the way around the top and image cutouts of Alexis Colby of “Dynasty” were added. There is even an image which I created myself using editing programs, which is Alexis Colby in an “Evita” role with her arms up in the air (Don’t Cry for Me Denver).

You can see the beautiful Alexis Colby, played by pop culture icon Joan Collins in her high fashion Nolan Miller outfits, smoking cigarettes (back in the days when it was glamorous), talking on her car phone (which, back then, was an actual full-sized telephone), trying on jewels, putting on lipstick and looking oh so very fabulous. She’s even telling Krystle off by the lily pond, as well as throwing a glass of champagne into Dex Dexter’s face! That’s not all though, you also get to see her showing Fallon how to shoot a gun and she tries on the Moldavian tiara.

The birdhouse hangs by a triple chain which connect to metal rings that have been secured into the top of the birdhouse and also a double metal ring at the top so it can be hung anywhere. . It can also be a table top birdhouse and it has silver-leaf brushed balls to rest on.

This birdhouse will never be re-created and it is a truly one-of-a-kind work of art with glitz and glamour…probably something you’d never expect with a birdhouse! This is great for the Dynasty lover and collector and will make for a fun and unique gift that can be cherished for years to come.

Comes with a free gift: A black egg ornament with flourishes of colorful glitter!


Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I watched Dynasty while growing up in the 80’s with my mother and sometimes her cousins as well. There were even a couple of Dynasty parties where they drank champagne and had hors’dourves. I loved Joan Collins as Alexis. Since they’ve been bringing the series back on DVD, I’ve been re-watching it and loving every minute of it! In creating themed birdhouses, I couldn’t help but create one dedicated to my favorite lady of the screen.

Materials Used

wood birdhouse, Martha Stewart Craft Paints, glitter, craft glue, decoupage medium adhesive and topcoat, Recollections embellishments,silver leaf,metal chains and hooks

More Info

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Size: 9″x6″x6″
Shape: Octagon

Note: This birdhouse is intended for decorative purposes only and is not meant to house live birds.

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to the Aaron Spelling “Dynasty” series, nor its characters or actors/actresses and persons and affiliates involved with the show. They are property of their respective owners. This is a one-of-a-kind, fan made craft project and no copyright infringement is intended.