Hollywood Royalty

Box Office Poison???? Straight from the world of campy classic films is a one-of-a-kind wood keepsake gift box featuring Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in the 1980’s hit movie “Mommie Dearest” 

On the top, it has a pack of “Hollywood Royalty” cigarettes showing Mommie Dearest’s face, a bottle of “Box Office Poison”, an old Pepsi bottle and a can of “Scrub Tina” cleanser. Remember…”When you polish the floor you have to move the tree!” The top of the box has been painted in Robin Egg Blue and the bottom is in Chocolate Brown, both with Martha Stewart Enamel Craft Paint, which was given a glossy top coat. On the top portion, I have added clear and dark blue rhinestones in various places. On the bottom portion, there are flecks of Robin Egg Blue. The top has also been lightly dusted with white glitter powder to add just a hint of sparkle. 

 The box is 4″ x 2″ x 2″ in size, which is just right for storing jewelry, spare keys, perfume samples, paper clips, computer thumb drives and anything small that you could think of! It would also make a lovely and fun conversation gift for the Mommie Dearest fan in your life.

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