An eBay Don’t: Harassing Customers

I’ve been selling for several months on eBay and I’ve been learning what’s okay to do and what is not, some things by trial and error.  However, one thing I’ve never done is harass my customers for payment.  I’m already aware that eBay sends the buyer an automatic email notifying them that they won the bid and to please make payment.  If I don’t hear anything after about 2-3 days, then I send a reminder email to the customer with the invoice, just in case they forgot.  Seems fair, doesn’t it?

Well, this past Saturday morning I was on eBay bidding on charms for jewelry making and all of my bids were through the same seller.  Now I’m not going to reveal the seller’s name because I believe in karma and I’m not looking to badmouth anyone.  I still find this important to share.   So I won about 12 bids on individual charms on Saturday afternoon, which was after I found that my once-a-month check from some design work I do had not arrived, which means it will be here on Monday (today).

I received a first invoice from this seller soon after I won the bids and all of the charms were grouped into one invoice email.  Since my check hadn’t arrived, I immediately send a message to the seller to inform them that I will make prompt payment to them on Monday afternoon once my check arrived and I’d had a chance to deposit it at the bank.

So then, throughout the course of the day, I received a total of 8 emails from this seller reminding me to pay the invoice.  Sunday comes around and I get another emailed invoice, so I contacted them again and explained the situation a second time and that I would make immediate payment to them on Monday afternoon.  Mind you, I contacted them through eBay AND via their email address shown on every invoice.  Did that work?  NOOOOO!  I get 7 more reminder emails from them throughout the day on Sunday!

Then, I get another reminder email with the invoice today (Monday) at 1:45am, 3:17am, 5:21am and 6:55am!!!!  I’ve send them yet another message to ask if they’ve been getting my replies and to let them know they would be paid promptly this AFTERNOON!  Of course, I handled it professionally and courteously, but inside I’m so annoyed with these people!

I’m going to give them usual positive feedback because I know how even neutral feedback can hurt an eBay business and I’m not out to ruin anyone, but really people, take a chill pill (is that term even used anymore?).  You’ll get your $14.92 THIS AFTERNOON!

I mean really, I myself am pretty hard up for funds most of the time and I’m very grateful when a buyer pays right away, but if they don’t, I wait it out a couple or few days before I remind them to pay the invoice.  After all, it would be nice if they became a repeat customer and I’m not going to win them over by harassing them several times a day reminding them to PAY PAY PAY.

I can say one thing….I don’t know if I’ll bid on their items again.  Their positive feedback does outweigh their negative feedback by a lot and their feedback count is into the 5-digits each month!    I sure hope these charms are worth all these harassing email reminders!

What this post boils down to is this:  Don’t Harass Your Customers!!!