Jewelry Pricing

Hey everyone!  The weekend is almost over and it’s time to start a new week tomorrow.  Let’s  hope it’s a fabulous one!

Today I’ve been busy pricing my new jewelry creations for my booth at the upcoming Car Show at the Elks Lodge South San Francisco on October 20th.  I know that there are several formulas out there for pricing your handmade jewelry.  The one I use is simple and sort of traditional, where you calculate the total cost of parts and your hourly rate times the number of hours worked, giving you your wholesale price.  Then  you multiply that by 2 (some do 2.2 or 2.5) and that will be your retail cost.  It’s simple and it works for me.

I use a self-made Excel workbook to do this and then I thought, why not make this available to everyone?  So, I prettied it up a little and made it very functional and easy to use and now it’s available for anyone to download, totally free of charge!  No tricks, no catch….free!

Here are a few screenshots of the workbook so you can have a sneak peek first.  Click on any one of them to have a bigger view.  You can download the workbook following the images. :

So there you have it!  You can download the workbook directly via my Scribd.  Below is a screenshot of the workbook on Scribd.  Click the “Download or Print” button to the right and then select “XLSX” to download.
If you need any assistance, feel free to email me at