Home Sweet Home

I live in Millbrae, but South San Francisco will always be home to me.  I still love visiting my mom at the same house I grew up in, in the Sunshine Gardens area.  Sunshine Gardens hasn’t changed much at all!  It still has the Garden Club, the 7-Eleven that I used to ride my big wheels to with my friends for a Slurpee (back in the day when it was safe to let your kids go a block away without constant supervision), Sunshine Pharmacy with the wonderful Garibaldi family still running it and what was once Brentwood Market is now a Salvation Army Thrift Store (who, by the way, is a little pricey these days, but I wont’ get started on that).   I love to drive by Sunshine Gardens, my old elementary school and El Camino, my High School (Class of ’91!”

In an area where so much has changed over time, it’s nice when I can visit a place that still feels familiar and safe to me.  I love South San Francisco as well as its people and its mix of culture.   There are so many great mini-neighborhoods within “South City”, like the historical Downtown/Grand Avenue area which offers a lot of great places to shop, eat and drink.  There’s also Orange Park where there’s plenty of room for outdoor activities, picnics and swimming.  They also have movie nights at the park!  (I really wish they’d have a “Day at the Park” event again)
I know that most of us have a special place like this that we can relate to and this one is mine.
One wonderful thing I found, first through a Facebook page, is Everything South City, which is dedicated to South San Francisco, plus it also provides insights on neighboring towns.   I got a kick out of it and really started enjoying the posts.  Then I discovered that they have their own Website at everythingsouthcity.com!  They cover local and regional news,  Government,  Development, Schools, Recreation, Historical Information and Resources!  There are also Editorial and Opinions Sections.
It’s so nice that there’s a site for a place that I love so much!  Thank you Everything South City!