Shake Shake Shake

Greetings and Happy Saturday to everyone out there!  I hope your weekend is going well and that you’re able to relax and enjoy a bit.

I know that I’ve been really busy for the last couple of months creating new jewelry for the upcoming Car Show at the South San Francisco Elks Lodge that’s taking place on October 20th, where I’ll be having my very first jewelry booth.   I’ve been scouring Google for blogs and articles on preparation for having a booth at an event and I found a great Craft Show Checklist at in pdf format, plus I’ve created my own forms for if people would like a custom piece, as well as a form for people who purchase at my booth who wish to have something shipped.  I’m trying to be as prepared as possible, but I know there will be something that day where I’ll ask myself “oh now why didn’t I think of that?”.  Isn’t that always the case on the day of an event after you’ve spent hours preparing for it?

Anyway, I recently visited my mom and was able to use her camera to take pictures of my new jewelry and now I can share it with you!  Today I’ll be showing you some of my “Shaker Necklaces”.  The name came from a former co-worker when I was in the non-profit industry and it just stuck.  I’m not sure if there is another “proper” name for this type of necklace and if there is, I’m hoping someone would let me know!  A “Shaker Necklace” is one that starts with a chain, usually on the thicker, sturdier side and I hang a stone or crystal on each link of the chain.  The stone hangs from a head pin that I’ve made a loop with and then wrapped it around several times.  It then hangs from a jump ring that is attached to the chain.

The first necklace which is shown at the beginning of this post is one that I call the “Amazon Glamour Queen” necklace, which features beautiful, genuine Black Onyx and Faceted White Agate, with a hint of 6mm Labradorite beads.  It also contains Swarovski crystal elements and silver tone spacer beads, silver filigree and a few other silver tone beads that are larger.  There are also 4 round pieces of bone that have a black tree-like design that have been added to them and in the center is a bone mini-tusk.  I finished it off with a Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.

This piece will be selling at retail for $198, but if you’d like to snatch it up on the day of the Car Show, I’ll be offering all items at Wholesale prices so this will be available for $99!
The stones and bone pieces I found at Beyond Beads in San Francisco and all the other parts were purchased at the ever-famous bead “hot spot” General Bead, who you can now buy from online (but if you’re in the bay area, I highly recommend going to their shop at 637 Minna in San Francisco….they are so nice and helpful and their 2-floor selection is amazing!).
The next “Shaker Necklace” is in the brown family mixed with silver and its main stones are Tiger Eye and Picture Jasper with plenty of Swarovski Crystal, including the coveted “Cubes” which I am crazy about.  It has a large Tiger Eye focal piece which I have attached with a Sterling Silver wire wrap.  It has also been finished off with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp.
This piece will be selling at retail for $208, but again, on the day of the Car Show I’ll be offering my work at Wholesale prices so this will be available for $104!
This third necklace is one of my favorites because I’m a sucker for purple.  It has been done using genuine Amethyst nuggets mixed with Cassis Jade (the 6mm purple round beads) and Purple Agate.  There’s also just a smidge of Labradorite 6mm beads thrown in there for alternate coloring and even some silver tone pieces.  Of course, there’s plenty of Swarovski crystal mixed in.  Three gorgeous circle-top rhinestone keys are part of this piece to add a bit of uniqueness and pizzazz.  And finally, it has been finished off with a Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.
I’ll be offering this for $182 retail, but it will be offered at Wholesale for $86 at the Car Show in October!
So there are a few of my new creations that I wanted to share with you.  I’ll be adding more posts in the coming days to show you what I’ve created in strand necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and adjustable rings!
Well, I’m off to get ready and go out for a bit.  Have a great day!