Vintage Edgar Berebi Earrings

You may remember that in 2012 I had three pairs of vintage Edgar Berebi earrings which sold pretty fast!  I also had done an article about the Earrings of Edgar Berebi, which has been one of my most-viewed posts to-date!

Well, I am currently featuring four more pairs of vintage Berebi earrings in my ArtFire studio.  There were actually six pairs, but two of them sold on the same day I listed them!

Pictured below are the newly-listed vintage earrings from the 1980’s by designer Edgar Berebi:

I think it goes without saying that Edgar Berebi’s work in his earrings is amazing!  His attention to detail is remarkable and it shows that the materials he used is of the highest quality.  He used enamels over high quality metals and these earrings shown above (and below) are still in excellent condition, so it’s like you’re getting a new pair!
Here are the two pairs that have already sold and it isn’t hard to see why they sold as fast as they did!
If you’re interested in snatching up any of the four remaining pairs, head on over to my ArtFire Studio, (I’m now on Etsy!) where you can see more images and read more about them.
These items have all sold.