Winter 2013/2014 Jewelry Trends and Colors

As usual, I’ve been doing my research on what’s up and coming in jewelry and color trends.  It looks like we have a nice variety for Winter 2013/2014 coming up!

and We’ll Never Be Royals…

Who says girl?  It looks like we’re being inspired by shows such as Game of Thrones and The Borgais which include characters draped in ornate filigrees and dripping jewelry that are just as beautiful today as they had been in times past.  Lavish jewels that adorned regal throats and wrists of the royal women in history.  Styles that are commanding, yet wearable.  The color palette below combined with contemporary components and era-inspired accent pieces with current jewelry trends such as mixed metals or leathers.

Handmade Red and Gold Necklace
by Markalino
Super-Groovy Retro Baby
While it’s true that some styles are best left in the past, the jewelry trends from the 1950’s through the 1980’s are still considered favorites by many.  Clean lines, classic silhouettes and pastels from the 1950’s are frequently seen in designs by top jewelry artists.  Bright, bohemian baublees from the 1960’s and chunky chokers and tribal motifs from the 1970’s are on the verge of a comeback!  Plus the color-blocking and geometric shapes of the 1980’s are still well-grounded styles today. 
Retro Red Aqua Rose Beaded Cinnabar Necklace
by Eco Retro Bling

Give ’em the Old Razzle Dazzle

As many people know, the holidays are dominated by darker colors for attire, but a splash of winter color with festive jewelry might just do the trick in making things different.  Glamorous yet playful shades of rosy pink, icy blues and minty greens are what’s coming.  Plus don’t be light on the rhinestones and crystals because glitz and shine are what it’s about!  Rather than drawing inspiration from a specific genre or era, make it more about favorite things during the winter season, from twinkling lights to colorful confetti and glimmer of champagne.

Winter Princess – Chainmaille Snow Necklace in Silver and Gold
by Elfling Creations
Welcome Chain, Meet Fiber!
Opposites most definitely attract when the structure and rigid shapes of metallic chain meets soft and textured fabric in various shades.  From embroidery thread to yarn or silk ribbon making its way through link chains, it will be showing up everywhere from Handmade Jewelry Blogs to Designer Jewelry.  
Silver Chain and Blue Ribbon Charm Necklace with Heart Pendant
by Lorca Designs