Amazing in Amethyst (and Amethyst Jewelry Care)

Here are twelve reasons why you’ll look amazing in amethyst this winter.  These are stunning creations made by talented ArtFire artisans that shouldn’t be missed!  Also, see below this collection about how to care for your amethyst jewelry.

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Caring for Your Amethyst Jewelry
First, you’ll want to wipe your amethyst jewelry using a soft cloth after wearing.  Amethyst jewelry most commonly loses its brilliance because of dirt and oil build-up.  You can easily maintain the beauty of your amethyst jewelry (and many other types of jewelry) by wiping residue away. 
The next thing you’ll want to do is clean your amethyst jewelry with mild, soapy warm water. Because of amethyst’s delicate nature, harsh cleaners are not recommended.  You may scrub your amethyst jewelry with a soft brush and then rinse.   
You will want to dry your amethyst jewelry with a soft towel, or you can let it air dry after cleaning.  
You may want to take your amethyst jewelry to a jeweler every few months for an ultrasonic cleaning.  Sonic waves are used to remove any dirt found on the jewelry.
Store your amethyst jewelry in a cool, dry place.  Extreme temperatures can cause damage to amethyst jewelry.   A jewelry box or armoire are acceptable places for amethyst storage.
Oh and one more thing – remove your amethyst jewelry when exercising!  The jewelry builds up dirt and oil quickly if exposed to excessive sweat.