Drop Dead Gorgeous Hats

It was almost instantaneous when I found this shop on Etsy only a couple of minutes ago that I knew I had to write a post about it.  It’s called Arturo Rios, named after its owner of the same name and he specializes in the most extraordinary hats I’ve seen in a long time.  His work exudes old Hollywood  and Paris glamour combined with modern chic.  Literally, my jaw dropped when I saw these hats.

Black Couture Wings Fashion Headpiece

Each of his hats are made for the lady who lives life walking down her own unique runway and breaks all the rules, scorning the usual hum drum accessories that lack in personality.  These are hats made for the fashion goddess within and they’re calling out and demand to be seen!  

Black Couture Avant Garde Hat

Arturo Rios is based in the quaint little town we all know as Los Angeles and he’s been designing this high end couture head wear for 7 years.  His signature style is High-Fashion Avant Garde.  He’s a regular guy who exceeds the ordinary by making the extraordinary.  All of his designs are unique and handmade.  He uses high quality fabrics, exotic and flexible feathers and he’s set out on an adventure to change the style of fashion headwear in the US and globally.  

Red Fascinator Cocktail Hat

Arturo likes to combine modern ideas with antique materials and he loves high fashion and drama.  He comments that the antique veils that came from France in the 40’s are just amazing!!

Melbourne Cup Blush Pink Fascinator Cocktail Hat

Arturo Rios hats have been featured in several fashion magazines around the world and they have been worn by celebrities such as Daisy Fuentes, Paris Hilton, Cheril Burke, Lindsay Lohan, Jullieta Lewis, Kelly Rowland and others. 

Peacock Fascinator Green and Gold Peacock Headpiece

The hats I’ve shown here are but a small example of the amazing work done by Arturo Rios and you can see several more fascinating and unique pieces in his Etsy Shop.  Head on over there now and make fashion history with one of his exquisite fashion headpieces!