A Self-Made Artist

Recently, I have found another artist on Etsy who caught my interest.  His name is Rakesh Babwah, a self-taught artist living in New York, NY.  He came to New York on his 16th birthday from Trinidad and is of East Indian ancestry.   Rakesh always knew that it was his destiny to become an artist because it is the only thing that he loves to do!

His Etsy shop is TheArtofRakeshRa and what makes his work especially interesting is that he does not use paintbrushes to create it.  Rather, he uses his own self-created painting tools.  A few years ago he began experimenting with techniques and then he discovered his very own technique.  For several years, he has focused on multiple techniques which he created in abstract.

Personally, I think his use of color is absolutely amazing and breathtaking.  He offers something totally unique, which is why I decided to do this blog post.

Abstract Original Acrylic Art Painting Faces of Man

The pieces you will find at TheArtofRakeshRa are some of his first original paintings using his particular technique.  His paintings are done using acrylic on paper and each of them is an original.  
Abstract Original Art Painting “Peeking Beyond the Flowers”

Clearly Rakesh puts a lot of himself into his work and you can really see the passion that goes into it.  Most of his work is intended to be viewed at all angles since everyone has a different perception of what they see.  Rakesh invites you to contact him and tell him what you see in his work!

These are just a couple examples of this great artist’s work, but you can see a lot more in his Etsy shop!  GO THERE NOW