The World Is Full of Bad Drivers

I know that this is way off the topic of Etsy and jewelry or what not, but I just feel the need to post about something that I sometimes allow to make me crazy.  What is it?  It’s the way people drive here in the SF Bay Area.  I’m sure there are crazy drivers everywhere, but I can only go on what I experience here.  At times it makes me wish I lived in a rural area where people wave at each other when passing each other in their cars going down the road.  There are still places like that, right?

My home is on the San Francisco Peninsula where it seems El Camino Real, the main thoroughfare, is constantly congested with cars.  Well, not so much “congested” in terms of being bumper-to-bumper all the time, but there are so many people who refuse to go the speed limit.  When I say this, they refuse to go AT LEAST the speed limit.  Some people like to go down the 35 to 40mph El Camino Real dilly dallying at 25mph…when there’s no one in front of them….and it seems to happen that there are often three cars going way under the speed limit side by side by side in the three lanes.  They look like the Wizard of Oz group, just before they met the lion.  It’s as if their cars were tied together.  What’s annoying is that it causes a build-up of cars behind them and so then you have this huge cluster of gridlock that you’re either stuck behind so that at every stoplight you’re waaaay in back and by the time you reach the intersection the light has become red again…OR…you’re stuck in the middle of it all with cars on every side of you and no one, but NO ONE has the decency to let you over when you turn on your signal.  In fact, turning on your signal causes many drivers to speed up so you can’t get over.  WTH right???

Now, one thing was mentioned to me in the past and that is we live in a very diverse area with many people who have moved here from places where the driving laws and/or habits are different.  I’m all for diversity and sharing the land (after all, I’m a gay man who knows what it’s like to not have certain rights and how it feels to be discriminated against)….BUT….I also feel that if you’re going to be here…get with the program and TRY to learn how to drive normally!

And it’s like the rules are constantly being broken with no care at all that it’s being done…like riding your brakes constantly or stopping in the middle of the street so you can sit there and decide whether or not you want to change lanes, then turn your signal on and change lanes (if you are, in fact, allowed by someone in one of the other lanes to get over).

But not everyone is a painfully slow driver….nope, you also have a TON of people in a huge rush and they tailgate and act terribly dramatic when you’re not going the speed they want and they come up right behind you so you see them in your mirror and then make this big to-do dramatic lane change swerving over and then driving past you, only to get in front of you as soon as possible so that it says “you’re not going fast enough for ME ME ME.”

And what’s with the 2…3…4 cars running a red light from a turn lane so that when the light to go forward turns green you have to wait for all these red light runners to go past you!  And not once have I ever seen anyone pulled over for it!  So annoying.  Some people seem to think that the rules don’t apply to them and that is SO annoying.

Now I’m no superstar perfect driver and I have my faults…but I actually do try to follow the rules and also try to have general respect for other people the majority of the time.  And maybe they do, too, but it seems like I run into all these kinds of people every single day!  And I know this blog post won’t do anything to change it.  This is just a simple rant about my frustrations with day-to-day driving.

BMW’s…or “Beamers”….THE WORST!  I’m sorry, but does driving a BMW automatically give someone license to A.  Drive Like a Complete Idiot  or   B.  Drive Like a Complete Jackass  or  C.  Both?   Many, many issues I’ve experienced around here are brought on by someone driving a BMW.  In a nutshell…I loathe them!

And don’t get me started on people still talking or texting while driving!  There are a ton of people who have never heard of a bluetooth, so it seems.  And there is NO TEXT so important you need to read it or respond to it while you’re driving!  Pull the hell over.

Another thing that baffles me is how people who are elderly who need to squint to see the road and are driving 20 miles an hour as they’re attempting to get on the freeway can be allowed by the DMV to still have a license?  Now don’t get me wrong, my mom is in her mid-70’s and she’d be lost without her car because she is still a person often on-the-go, but she can see fine still and drives like a normal person.  I’m not saying cut people off at a certain age from driving, but really?  Squinters can drive and that doesn’t raise a red flag?

Oh, and try to go down Broadway in Millbrae at any speed over 15 miles per hour is unheard of, because you constantly have people turning in the middle of the street and reversing and going forward and reversing so they can get a parking spot, causing every car coming down that part of the street to have to sit there and wait for them to sloooooowly perform this feat as if it pained them to do so.  Or you have someone looking for parking and even though it’s plainly obvious there are no spaces available, they go down at 5 to 10mph hoping a car will pull out, even though they’re making the people behind them late for appointments or what not.  Sometimes it takes around 8 to 10 minutes just to go down Broadway because you’re constantly having to wait on everyone to make decisions on what they are doing.  Mind you, this goes on most every single day.  But, I live on Broadway, so all I can do is just be as patient as I can.  Patience is something I have to work on each day because so many people work my last nerve each and every day, so it’s something that I must re-learn and re-learn.

The Peninsula has really changed a LOT when it comes to traffic conditions in general.  There are so so SO many more people here than when I was a kid or in high school.  At times, I feel a bit suffocated by the ever-increasing number of people living in the area and if there were means to do so, I’d love to live in the woods.   But, that’s not the case, so oh well.

Que Sera Sera right?