MaxBlackHeart – Phenomenal Artistry

You may not be aware of this, but I also love to do work in graphic art.  I enjoy creating graphic art pieces, as well as PNG image files with clear backgrounds.  I even create templates for Microsoft Publisher such as invitations!  So, I’ve opened a third Etsy shop, called Cha Cha Heels Graphics, which is named after the John Waters film “Female Trouble”, where drag queen Divine was infuriated for not getting her Cha Cha Heels for Christmas.   See the video below:  (Warning – It’s A Bit Crude, but Hilariously Funny)


Anyway, since I opened up Cha Cha Heels Graphics, I have found the most incredible artist of Horror and Dark Art, mixed with some Humor.  His name is Garfield Vanstone of Detroit, Michigan and his shop on Etsy is MaxBlackHeart, which opened late last year.  He’s a family man and artist from the Metro Detroit area with a dark sense of humor and a love for horror and adventure.  

Lucy Zombie Gerl 8×10 Print
Garfield draws what he loves, which is dark, humorous and devious things, which is probably why I’m such a fan!  According to Garfield, his parents and teachers never thought much of what he did and suggested he draw cute things like kitty cats and and puppy dogs.  In turn, he never cared much for what they wanted him to draw!  

He has a mix of art forms, such as graphite pencil, ink, pastel, digital color, watercolors and mixed media.  His work is high quality portrait art with a lot of style and personality.  He does famous faces, from rock-n-roll personalities to sci-fi to horror movies and more.  

Here is some more of his outrageous, awesome work:

Chewbacca 8×10 Print
Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th 8″x10″ print
Howard Wolowitz 8×10 print – The Big Bang Theory

Hellboy Karl Ruprecht Kroenen 11×14″ print
Jason Voorhees Michael Myers Leather Face 11×14
James Hetfield Print 8×10 Print
As with any shop that I choose to promote through admiration, this is just a small sampling of this artist’s fine work.  But you really should check out all of his work at Max BlackHeart.  

By the way, if you buy 2 prints, you get a third one free!

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