New Jewelry and New Handmade Charms

Since I opened my bead shop on Etsy, Markalino Supplies, I’ve been amazingly busy with orders!  I’m not complaining one bit, as to be honest, I’m thrilled!  Comparatively speaking, it’s quite a bit busier than my jewelry shop, Markalino Jewelry.  However, a sale or two trickle in here and there, so I’m not in too bad of shape.  

I have been working on new jewelry projects lately, some of which have posted like this one-of-a-kind silver Mom Charm Bracelet, a great gift idea for Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday, May 11 this year.  It contains Swarovski and Czech Crystals, Purple Jade, Glass Pearls and some cute charms, such as a “Mom” envelope with a heart on the back; a high-heeled shoe; a teapot which says “Tea Time” and a fancy clothing hanger.  The clasp is a heart-shaped toggle with rhinestones in both the heart and the bar.  I’m offering it for only $40!

There are other new pieces which I haven’t yet listed, such as this Steampunk Inspired Bib Necklace, made from gear-type objects in mixed metals, which meet with a gold chain that ends with a toggle clasp.  

Also Steampunk inspired is an Antique Copper “gears” bracelet which has a larger gear in the center which bears an 8mm Swarovski Jet Bicone crystal.  I completed it with an Antique Copper “twist” toggle clasp.

In my bead shop, I’ve gotten into making handmade charms out of gemstones and crystals.  Here are a couple of the handmade charms I’ve made recently.

Antique Bronze Swarovski Crystal Handmade Charm Assortment

Swarovski Crystal Bicone 8mm Mix

Along with that, I’ve been doing some transcription on the side through a friend so I can bring in some additional income, which will be very helpful.  Like I’ve said before, I’m busier these days than when I worked for a company!  Now if I could only generate the same amount of income!

I have another post coming up featuring a very talented artist who does some amazing dark art, but if I don’t post after that over the weekend, please….have a fantastic weekend!