How I Treasury on Etsy

I think that treasuries are very important on Etsy, as they are a wonderful tool to help artists promote one another’s work.  Great things can come from a Treasury….you can receive several new favorites when your work is treasured and sometimes it can even lead to a sale.  When you treasure someone else’s work, you’re helping them receive views on their items and possibly helping them to make a sale.  In the handmade community, give and take is detrimental.  There was a time during my first run on Etsy back in 2007-08 where I thought that it was all about shameless self-promotion and I’d become frustrated when I’d promote my work every day and nothing really came of it.  Now, years later, I’ve discovered that karma isn’t always a bitch when you’re doing kind things for others, such as helping to promote the work of your fellow artist.  Sure, I still do some self-promotion.  After all, you have to if you want to stay in the game.  But now I see how rewarding sharing the work of others on Etsy is.  There are some who truly, truly appreciate it and then there are some who might be busy with their own life and may not notice that you’ve treasured their item. I don’t take offense if I receive no response.  If I’m able to help a fellow artist out, I’m glad to do it.  

One thing I’ve learned with creating Treasuries through others is that it’s very helpful to artists whose items show up last in the search terms for which you’re creating a treasury.  For example, instead of starting my search on pages 1 through 25, I begin my search on page 250-235 so that people who show up last in relevant search terms gain more exposure.  It’s not always the easiest way to go, but it’s a nice thing to do.  Sometimes I’ll choose 8 items from Page 1-??? and then 8 items from pages 250-???, so there’s a bit of a mix.  

For creating Treasuries, I’ve found a love for Treasury Box by Brittany’s Best.  It’s an extension that I added to Google Chrome (Add to your Chrome browser here).  All I have to do is conduct my search for treasury items and select the items right on Etsy that I want to treasury by clicking the Treasury Box icon (example below).  For example, today I treasured all lime green items.

Once I selected all 16 treasury items for my lime green treasury, I clicked the Treasury Box icon in the upper-right of my browser where I could see all the items for my treasury, re-arrange them and then I clicked “Create Treasury”.  

It then opened a new tab in my browser which led me to my treasury creation page on Etsy.  I then added my description and submitted my new treasury.  

Once the treasury was created, I sent out notifications to sellers who I featured and Treasury Box has an easy way to do this.  Just click the “Send Notifications” icon on the page of your treasury under “Curator Tools” and a window will open where you can write your message to the featured artists and submit it.  

In the image above you will also see a link that says “Save Image”.  This is great for when you want to pin your new treasury on Pinterest.  Just click the link and save the PNG image file to your computer.  Then, go to Pinterest and upload the image and share your pin.  To link the image to your treasury, I just copy the URL of the treasury and go to the pin of the image and click the Edit icon (the little pencil icon).  Where it says “Source” I paste the URL and then click the “Save” button.  So simple!

Of course, I also Tweet my new treasury and share it on my Markalino Jewelry Facebook Page.  If I’m feeling extra ambitious, I will sometimes share each item I’ve treasured on Kaboodle and Wanelo….sometimes even on Svpply.

So there you have it….that is how I treasury.  I hope that this post has given you some insight on creating and promoting treasuries on Etsy and I hope you have a great day.

All the best,