Old Technique vs New Technique

Currently, I am re-making a bracelet for my aunt Gloria that I had made for her back in 2008.  It has beautiful Swarovski crystals in shades of green, dark green jade and malachite chips.  The only problem with the original design is that I had used a technique where I made a simple curl around the chain with a thin head pin.  This resulted in pieces falling off the bracelet more than once.

Old bracelet technique used in 2008.
Old Technique, 2008

Forgive me for the blurred photo here, but you can still see that the old technique I used wasn’t the greatest and you can see why parts would fall off the chain.

Old Technique, 2008
Old Technique, 2008







Now in the photos below, you can see how the new technique has much improved.  I now make a loop in the head pin and then curl the wire around to the top of each piece.  I then use a sturdy jump ring to attach it to the chain (I am using a new, better quality chain for this re-do).  Now there’s no chance of any piece falling off!  Note that the light green crystal pictured above is the same exact light green crystal in the lower portion of the photos below.

100_3354 100_3355







So there you have it…this makes me feel that I’ve grown as a jewelry artist and I am much more confident in my work.  Even better, my customers can rest assured that they are purchasing a well-made piece of jewelry.


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