Being Creative with Vintage Lucite Elephants

So I have a bag of vintage Lucite (or, in other words, plastic) elephants and for the longest time I was stumped as to what to do with them.   I had them listed in my supplies shop, but they didn’t move.  So then, being short of a lot of supplies and wanting very much to create something, I came up with a full necklace, bracelet and earring set.  And with luck and a very valuable, loyal customer, it sold within minutes of my putting it on Facebook!  The customer who purchased the set loves elephants and has bought several elephant pieces from me.   Here is the set she just purchased yesterday made from the Vintage Lucite Elephants:

As you can see, this wasn’t just a plastic elephant jewelry set, but one where I added rich Chrysocolla gemstones, Swarovski crystal elements and vintage gold tone spiral discs from the 1970’s.    For the earrings, I added 14k Gold Filled circular hooks.  Mesh gold tone beads match in both the necklace and the bracelet.  Honestly, this was an experiment for me, as I’ve never worked with any plastic pieces before, but I guess if done right, it can look very attractive!  I’m still partial to working with stones and crystals, but I’m happy with the way this set turned out.  You can vote what you think about this jewelry set at the bottom of this post!

My customer was thrilled with the set when she saw it and to her, I am grateful.

Now what to do with the remaining elephants which I have in a Pepto pink color?  Hmmm….