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Wow so this is my 300th post!  Woo Hoo!

Today I had someone contact me about Etsy Treasuries.  This person was someone whose work I promoted in a Treasury recently.  Before the message I received today, I figured everyone knew what a Treasury was.  It turns out that I was reminded that I should never assume anything!  So, I gave him my own rundown of what a Treasury is and I also gave him the link to create a new Treasury, as well as the description on the Etsy Blog.

To me, Etsy Treasuries are an important tool in being an Etsy seller.  It gives us a chance to promote our fellow artist and it can also lead to traffic in my own shops.  I try to curate a Treasury for both of my shops as close to every day as possible, but some days I’m bogged down with other things.  Here are my own Treasury Lists to check out:  https://www.etsy.com/people/markalinovintage/treasury?sort=creation_date&order=desc

The Etsy Blog gives some advice before beginning to create Treasury lists:

  • Treasury is not intended for self-promotion.  (So don’t add your own listings to a treasury – that’s a big No-No)
  • There is no limit to the number of lists you can create.  (I’ve created several in a day depending on the time I have, the energy and the creative drive)
  • The number of views your list receives and the number of clicks the items featured in your list receive are displayed in the list’s Stats section as well as on the treasury list itself.  (It’s always interesting to see which treasuries are a hit and which ones are passed by).  
  • The “Handpicked Items” that appear on the Etsy home page are treasuries created by our members and selected by our Merch team. The featured treasuries are chosen based on current themes and trends, and they change regularly throughout the day.  (So far, none of my Treasuries have been picked yet, but each day I have hope!)
Etsy Treasuries
Etsy Treasury Lists

You can find out how to create and edit an Etsy Treasury on the Etsy Blog, which you can get to HERE.

For Treasuries, I use TreasuryBox by Brittany’s Best, which makes creating a treasury a lot easier.  It’s an extension for Google Chrome, so I’m not sure if it’s offered for I.E. or Firefox.

TreasuryBox allows you to send a mass notification to all the people you’ve featured in a Treasury.  I’ve found that the best notification to send is plain and simple, a note to let them know they’ve been treasured and invite them to “Favorite”, comment and share on their social networks.  You can even save an image of the treasury which makes sharing on social networks easier.  I wouldn’t recommend filling your notification with coupon codes and a ton of links.  People can get overwhelmed and offering discounts on a Treasury notification may lead fellow artists to think the only reason you Treasured them was to try and gain sales.  Let them know that you really do like their work and that the Treasury is all about them, not you.  Hey, I’m being honest!

Okay so that’s my schpiel for today and I hope you found it interesting and helpful.  Have a great evening and Etsy on!


4 thoughts on “About Etsy Treasuries

  1. Awesome post. I’ve been wondering about treasuries for a while now! 🙂 Also I opened up my own personal shop like you suggested! Thank you for all the advice. ~ Megan


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I could help. Let me know your shop URL and I’ll include one of your items in one of my next treasuries.


      1. I just did a treasury with your silver necklace and a blog post about you and your shop on my blog! 🙂


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