A Gift For Mom

Today would have been my parents’ 44th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, dad passed away in May 2011 after a 4 year battle with lung and kidney cancer.  Mom hasn’t been quite the same since, because their marriage was one of those that most people dream of.  That perfect union of two souls that anyone could see was a perfect match.  I’m proud of her, as she has worked hard to move forward.   She joined the Elks Lodge a year after dad passed and has made a lot of friends.  She’s become active from it and it makes her days better.  She still has her moments, naturally, but one thing she wants more than anything is to be reunited with her love.

Mom is sick with the flu, which came on a few days ago.  I spoke with her this morning and she’s a little better, but she says she’s still very achy.  I’m going over to her house today to bake her pumpkin bread and help her with a few things.

I shall go there bearing a gift.  One which is sure to brighten her day.  It’s a necklace and earring set which I made over the past several days.  The materials are Black Onyx, Black Agate, Jet, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Crystal and Sterling Silver.  This set is totally her style and I know it will put a smile on her face and she’ll be excited about when she’ll wear it, as she attends a lot of dinner dances at the Elks with her cousin.  I can’t wait to show it to her!

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