An Update for My Readers

No, I haven’t abandoned ship, but I have been busy during this holiday season!  This is a good thing!  I’ve been especially busy with my own team on Etsy, the Bay Area Peninsula Artists Etsy Team.  I usually try to feature an item from a different member each day and I also do a Member Spotlight periodically, highlighting the work of an individual artisan who deserves some time in the spotlight.

I’ve also been doing several custom jewelry orders.  One order in particular was 15 custom keychains, predominantly themed with the San Francisco 49ers.

100_7531 100_7532


Oh and by the way, I do custom keychains for football and baseball teams, just in case you didn’t know. *wink*

I’ve also been busy creating a bracelet for my mom for Christmas, which is in silver and done up in the new Swarovski color “Crystal Paradise Shine”.



I highly doubt she’ll be online today let alone seeing my blog, since I’m sure she’s busy getting ready for tonight’s festivities at my cousin’s house in Daly City, so I think it’s a safe bet to post a picture of it (above).  I will say that the picture doesn’t do justice to how the bracelet looks in person.  It’s very sparkly and quite gorgeous.  I can’t wait for mom to open it!

And among these things, I’ve been very busy listing new jewelry supplies at Markalino Supplies.

I do plan on posting more after the new year, but I at least wanted to check-in and let my readers know that I’m still here!

I wish everyone who celebrates it a Merry Christmas and I hope that it’s a happy and healthy one.