FotoFuze…Yes Please!

Prior to a week ago, my jewelry photos left much to be desired.  This was mainly due to poor lighting at our apartment, even on the patio!  I had even invested in a light tent, which did me absolutely no good.  Then I discovered FotoFuze through Etsy listed in Apps for Etsy.  Let me just say that it is amazing and so easy to use!  You can batch upload your photos and batch download them once they’ve been edited.  It really solved my problem of having product images coming out dark, despite my white background.

Check out these before and after images:

FotoFuze really brings out the true color in my jewelry and it makes it easier for my customers to see the product as it was meant to be seen, without all the darkness and muted colors due to bad lighting.

If you sell on Etsy or other selling platforms, I highly recommend this app!