Markalino Jewelry and Supplies News

I’ve been quite busy lately and I just keep getting busier, but this is a good thing and I have no complaints!


I’ve created an official Markalino Jewelry website using Wix which you can check out at  The site is in “Beta” mode right now, in that I am still working on getting my own domain for it.  It’s a great site which has cool features and you can even shop right there on the site.



Markalino Jewelry and Markalino Supplies on Etsy will both be having a Spring Sale for the entire month of March starting on the 1st.  Receive 25% off of your entire order!  Check back here for the coupon code on March 1st.


Category Updates

I’m currently working on updating all of the categories on this blog, so not all of my posts have been re-categorized.  I wanted to narrow down the categories to make it easier for my readers to find posts related to particular categories without it being too daunting.  Please bear with me as I make the updates and soon all of my posts will have a category.


New Jewelry

I’ve added new jewelry to Markalino Jewelry to check out:

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Also, check out the new Swarovski Pet Collar Charms I’ve created:

il_170x135-926674028_p1vq  il_170x135-926452931_e68k  il_170x135-926515827_4c0m  il_170x135-926890704_b8iw  il_170x135-923931001_g475  See All —>


Commissioned Piece

Here is a necklace I recently created for a client made of Green Agate and Swarovski Crystal in Silver:

Contact Me to have me make a custom piece of jewelry just for you!