This morning I curated a new Treasury on Etsy called “Necklaces that Make a Statement“, where I browsed countless statement necklaces and selected my 16 favorite pieces by talented artists.  To go directly to the treasury, click the image below, or scroll down to read more and find links to some useful articles on Statment Necklaces.

Statement necklaces are a great way to enhance your wardrobe and transform your outfits into a whole different look.  A statement necklace paired with a basic t-shirt is a great combination that easily transitions your outfit from day to night.  A statment necklace with a v-neck will beautifully fill in the empty space, especially a statement necklace that has a tiered structure.  If you want to keep your look professional, you can always wear a statement necklace around the collar of a button-up blouse, maybe with a bit of a color pop!  If you want to make an even bigger statement, try layering a couple of necklaces together.  In order to keep the focus on your statement necklace, I’d suggest wearing smaller-sized earrings for a well-proportioned look.  If your outfit has a lot of detail at the top or covers most of your chest, you may want to skip wearing a statement necklace.  It can often be great if you choose a statement necklace with a color that is in the outfit.

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