Let’s Hear It For Lucite!

Have you ever heard of Lucite?  I hadn’t until the last four or five years and I find it quite interesting!

il_570xn-986049279_9hgsIt was developed in the 1930’s and is actually made of clear acrylic plastic.  It was less expensive to make than Bakelite and more chemically stable than celluloid.  In fact, it made earlier jewelry plastics become obsolete!

Lucite is actually translucent in pure form, but it can be dyed, carved and polished.  It is hard, water-resistant, light in weight and easy to wear.

DuPont had brought Lucite to the market in 1937 and cleverly freely licensed it to multiple costume jewelry makers.

il_570xn-939820350_6o4xLucite dominated costume jewelry in the 1950’s when modernism came into play.  It could be adapted to have a translucent coloring like “apple juice” or a pearl-like sheen known as “moonglow.” Lucite jewelry produced between 1940 and 1953 often included glitter, rhinestones, or sea shells, while translucent bangles could have designs carved into their interiors.

There are a couple of great articles about Lucite jewelry which I’ve provided links for below.  Today, I bring you a selection of Vintage Lucite Jewelry that I’m sure you’ll agree is absolutely gorgeous. It’s available at Markalino Jewelry on Etsy!  Don’t forget, you will receive 25% off your total order for the month of March 2016 with Coupon Code SPRINGTIME

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Below are the links to a couple of interesting articles about Lucite jewelry which have more detailed information about how Lucite was used and different types of Lucite Jewelry:

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