I Found a Million Dollar Baby, In a Five and Ten Cent Store

While it was Joan Collins as Alexis Colby on Dynasty in the 1980’s who was probably my greatest influence in a lot of things I loved as a youngster, Barbara Woolworth Hutton was one of my earliest inspirations in developing a passion for jewelry.  Actually, I’ll admit that it was when Farrah Fawcett starred in “Poor Little Rich Girl:  The Barbara Hutton Story”, a TV mini-series in the 80’s, where I became inspired.  However, after having fallen in love with the mini-series, I picked up the book by C. David Heymann at what was once B. Dalton Booksellers at the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno and picked up the book on which the mini-series was based.  I was bad and would read it every day in one of my classes at school (I was in the 9th grade then). I remember my teacher asking me to please put Barbara Hutton away for now and pay attention.  I know, shame on me, right?  Anyway, it was the mini-series that captivated me with the show of duplicated necklaces and tiaras that looked like the real ones worn by Barbara herself.  It was all so glitzy and glamorous and in the back of my mind, I remember thinking that I’d love to make beautiful jewelry to adorn the women of society.  Little did I know then that I would one day begin to make jewelry.  But that didn’t happen until many years later.

To learn a little bit about Barbara Hutton and her turbulant life as the Woolworth heiress, check out this article, entitled “Barbara Hutton:  the Iconic Jewellery Collector on the Sotheby’s website.  It gives details not only about her life, but about the jewelry she wore.

1987 Television Preview for Poor Little Rich Girl:  The Barbara Hutton Story