Markalino News

Word-of-Mouth:  The Best Kind of Promoting

While I have to admit, my jewelry sales online have been very slow, I’ve been receiving more and more requests for custom pieces, such as the bracelet and earring set you see above featuring Turquoise and Swarovski crystal elements.  Thanks to my amazing customers, word has been spreading about my work, which is something I’ve been hoping for since I started making jewelry.  The best promoting that a designer could hope for is through word-of-mouth, because not only are others seeing the product, but it’s being modeled and endorsed by people they know and even don’t know.  So, I am truly, truly grateful to everyone who has been kind enough to pass the word along.  You are my heroes!

Who Doesn’t Love a Tiara?

I’ve been busy working on a lot of wire-wrapped pendants and rings.  One of the things I have in the works is a Swarovski crystal beaded tiara.  It will be my first attempt, so I’m unsure as to how it will go, but based on techniques I’ve seen online for the style I’m attempting, I have a feeling I can pull it off.  I’m so excited!  Keep an eye out for the May Newsletter for an update….


I’ll Tumble 4 Ya

No, I’m not going to break into a Culture Club song, but I would like to announce that in addition to the social networks I’m already found on, I have also started a Tumblr blog!  Here, you can see my work, both past and present – sold and not yet sold.  It’s mostly all imagery as opposed to a lot of text, but a picture can speak a thousand words, right?