Featured Customer: MagpieDoodads

iusa_400x400-37725112_ls2xI’m starting a new feature here, which is to feature one of my own customers who also have an Etsy shop.  It’s one of the ways that I’m able to express just how much I truly appreciate my customers and I want to help in their success and support their passion.  So, to start this off, my first Featured Customer is Sandra Robbins of MagpieDoodads on Etsy, which brings to us Decorative Art Hangings and Beautiful,  Unique Home Decor.

Here is a little bit about Sandra in her own words:  “I retired to care for my elderly mother and thought that it was time for me to do more of what I enjoy creatively. I have always been creative and have worked in a number of mediums throughout my life: oil & acrylic paintings, wood carving, macrame’, beading, stained glass jewelry, tie dye, batik and more. I worked in an Elementary school where I was in charge of many creative endeavors that was quite rewarding.

Colorful Shells & Stars Decorative Mobile – $65+

My shop idea came about when I started looking at some things that were being thrown away. I thought ‘how sad!’ I immediately started thinking of what I could make from them and began my shop. I chose Items that spoke to me from garages and yard sales, thrift stores, unwanted items from friends etc., or things that I had to give a 2nd chance – a new life! I spent 6 months creating and building up my inventory and my shop until I realized that I needed to decide what to do with all that I had made! My son & daughter-in-law urged me to open an Etsy shop. After realizing that my creations didn’t really fit in with other options, I took the plunge and started to build my Etsy shop, Magpie Doodads.

I named it after magpies because they pick up all types of things and take them home as treasures. And ‘doodads’ just fit perfectly with that idea.

I opened with 62 items and have been building my shop ever since.

White Wedding Jeweled Hanging Basket – $53+

My items are for indoor decor. My hangings have many themes: nursery, child’s room, fancy, whimsical, pretty, sparkly, old fashioned, country and completely new creative hangings. My hope is that I will start a new trend in home decorating – filled with my wall and ceiling hangings that are new, creative, beautiful, sparkling and fun! My goal is to bring new life to old things and new life to the decor of my customers. Hopefully you will find something wonderful in my shop for your home or to give as a gift to someone you love!!

Thank you so much for taking a look at my beautiful and fun decorative art hangings! Maybe you will find one that is perfect for you and yours!




It looks like Sandra receives glowing reviews from her customers, too!

“Totally thrilled with this high-quality item, which was not only well-made but carefully packaged for shipping. The Seller obviously prides herself on a job well done.” – Carol

“*LOVE* Even better in person & this beauty arrived very quickly with gorgeous packaging. Highly recommend this Seller!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!” – Jenny

“My chakra beaded winged hanging is awesome with colors that are both earthy and vibrant. It has amazing energy and is now hanging in my psychic reading room. I added it to my dream catcher with white feathers and the combination is dramatic. Very happy with my purchase!” – Annie

Please be sure to check out all of Sandra’s exceptional work on Etsy at MagpieDoodads!


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