Talented Artistry

il_570xn-1057795833_e5mxThis morning I’d like to share with you the work of someone on Etsy named Gilberto Vavalà of Cili Art and Design.

Gilberto is based in Italy and he started making jewelry when he was fifteen years of age.  He attended the metal art institute “Benvenuto Cellini”.  For many years, he worked as a setter of precious stones on gold jewelry, then as a jewelry vax prototype maker for lost vax casting production.
As a jewelry designer, he exhibited his contemporary jewels in various art galleries, mainly in Mexico where he lived for six years. There, he had a personal sculpture exhibition titled “Welcome Project” at the art and design center “Fabrica La Aurora” in San Miguel de Allende.
il_570xn-1014887389_a1hlIn his work, Gilberto enjoys facing with different materials and dimensions, from huge to micro, with his largest piece being a land art installation (30 x 15 m) and his microsculptures being made on the tip of a pencil.

Be sure to check out his glowing reviews with his many happy patrons.


Here is a video that Gilberto shared with me after I posted his Handcarved Wooden Chess Set Miniature in a “Life in Miniature” Treasury this morning.