Jewelry Wearing Do’s and Don’ts

Wearing jewelry is fun and it can add to your own uniqueness, but sometimes the wrong jewelry can be paired with the perfect outfit, or vise versa!  Here are some jewelry making do’s and don’ts that can be helpful when you’re selecting jewelry to complete your look.



  • Don’t go with cheaply made jewelry (i.e.; jewelry that has been mass-produced in places such as China that are sold in the U.S.). Even costume jewelry ought to be made with quality materials.  The last thing you want is to be out on a date or at a business dinner and a piece of jewelry you’re wearing comes apart!  Go with better quality jewelry.  Read reviews before you buy!
  • Don’t overpower your outfit with jewelry. Jewelry is meant to accent your wardrobe, not suffocate it.  For instance, if you’re wearing a chunky statement necklace, you would want to tone down the earrings a bit.  Sometimes less is more.
  • Don’t wear two big pendants at the same time. Too much is too much!  Select a smaller sized pendant that lies right at the chest and compliments the larger pendant, or choose a dainty chain that will lie close to the neck.
  • Don’t always do matchy-matchy. When jewelry matches too much, it becomes lost and loses its uniqueness.
  • Don’t wear chunky bracelets with a large watch. Instead, layer a watch with smaller sized bracelets.


  • Don’t go too plain. You don’t want to have that look of “I was too afraid to go out on a limb.”  Statement jewelry was made to do what?  Make a statement!  Accentuate your statement jewelry with smaller accenting pieces, but you can also accentuate it with the makeup you apply, an element of your outfit or even your hairstyle.
  • Don’t buy jewelry unless you love it. When you’re looking at jewelry in a shop or online, only buy pieces that really speak to you.  Pieces that you can see yourself wearing and being pleased with it.  Choose pieces that best suit and compement your style.  Remember, you are an individual with your very own look.  Do YOU and that’s the best you that you can be.
  • Don’t let the latest trends dictate your style. The great part of everyone being an individual entity is that there is no expectation for you to do what everyone else is doing at the time.  Statement jewelry is often related to trends, but if the latest jewelry fad doesn’t suit your style, why wear it?  Wear jewelry that makes you feel comfortable and confident.  Just because Betty Sue goes around in nothing but bib neckalces doesn’t mean you’re required to.
  • Don’t wear chunky rings if you have short fingers. Instead, wear something more slender and elegant.
  • Don’t wear jewelry that looks dingy or dirty. No matter how great your outfit looks, it can really be tarnished (no pun intended) if your jewelry looks dull and dirty.  Properly clean your jewelry after each wear so that you always dazzle.



  • Do pick in-season colors. So for instance, for the fall you’ll want to go with dark reds, plum, mustard yellow, chocolate brown and mountainy greens.  Winter is great for black, greys, dark or steely blues and burgundy.  Spring welcomes your pinks, peaches, minty greens, baby blues and lemony yellows.  Summer is perfect for your more vibrant oceanic blues, bright yellows, oranges, hot reds, chalky whites and limey greens.
  • Do be creative with your jewelry. You can do fun things like making your extra long chain necklaces in to a waist chain, or turn those really big earrings into a brooch, or even convert a brooch into a pendant!  It can also be fun to wear a ring on a chain.  Play around with your jewelry – it’s not going to bite you!  Have fun with it.
  • Do play around with color. A statement piece in bold colors can really dress up a less-than-exciting outfit.  If you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans, that splash of color will really pop and bring character to your look.


  • Do wear long statement rings only on your middle finger. On any other finger, it would be too much.
  • Do wear large statement rings on your pointer, middle or ring finger only. Not on the pinkies or thumbs!
  • Do mix metals. However, be sure that there isn’t too much separation between them.  This will help them blend together seamlessly.
  • Do remove one piece of jewelry before going out. Look in the mirror at your overall look.  Perhaps you have on too many pieces of jewelry.  Therefore, choose one piece of jewelry to take off or maybe two, until you discover the look you’re most happy with.  Again, less can be more.
  • Do consider what you’re wearing. If the jewelry you select isn’t going to go with whatever outfit you’re planning on wearing, then it’s going to look like an afterthought and not part of the plan.  It’ll look like it was thrown on at the last minute and it will be a distraction from your overall look.  Take the time to coordinate your jewelry with your outfit prior to getting ready.  Make sure everything has an even flow to it.
  • Do be careful with chunky bracelets. Make sure that they look good on you.  Sometimes chunky bracelets can make your arm look chunky, as well.
  • Do mix smaller bracelets with a charm bracelet. For instance, a couple of small bangles with a charm bracelet and one or two more smal bangles is a fun combination without the look being too overbearing.


  • Do select earrings that will look good with the shape of your face. Some earrings can make your head look more square, round or slimmer.  Hoop earrings are a safe bet, but if the hoops are too big, they will look odd if you have a smaller head.
  • Do wear statement necklaces with v-line shirts. Wear one with a tiered structure that follows the shape of the shirt.  It will add more dimension to your outfiit and fill in some of the empty space.
  • Do keep it professional at the office. Wear a nice button-up blouse with a statement necklace around the collar.  It’s a great way to spice up your outfit while still keeping it professional looking.
  • Do layer necklaces. Sometimes it’s fun to layer a couple of necklaces that go well together instead of wearing just one statement piece.
  • Do wear stripes with a statement necklace. The stripes will really make the statement necklace pop and it makes for something classic.  Black stripes with a chunky pearl necklace make for a timeless look.  A clear crystal necklace will really add depth when you’re wearing colored stripes.