Zipper Pulls!

I’ve done a bit of research on what started the fad of Zipper Pulls / Zipper Charms and my results?   Nada.  I couldn’t find any information about how they came to be a popular item, or who started the trend.  If you know, please feel free to comment on this post!    In any case, I’ve decided to create several zipper pulls for my Etsy shop, Markalino Jewelry Swanheart Jewelry.  Much like a Pet Collar Charm, a Zipper pull is a charm with a lobster claw clasp that attaches to a zippered item’s pull tab.  They’re fun and there are endless possibilities to dream up when it comes to creating them.

Here are some of the Zipper Pulls that I’ve created recently:

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il_570xn-1050962500_5639     il_570xn-1096785425_2g5a

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Most all of my Zipper Pulls include one or more Swarovski crystals.  You can view my entire collection (now at Swanheart Jewelry)  HERE.  I’m happy to do custom orders of 6 or more for these in practically any theme you’d like, in whichever Swarovski colors you’d like!  Feel free to Contact me to inquire.