The Swarovski Confetti Bracelet

Something I decided to create recently is something colorful…something with high sparkle that will add dazzle to someone’s look.  I had a ton of 6mm Swarovski crystal bicones, all of which were a different color.  So, I made a “confetti” bracelet on a silver plated brass chain.  The bracelet contains 94 of my own handmade Swarovski 6mm bicone crystal charms.  It took a few days to make, working during various periods of the day when I felt inspired and then it was complete…looking more beautiful than I had imagined.


You know what? My new Swarovski Confetti Bracelet wasn’t presented to people even five minutes when it sold to someone on Facebook!  I was pretty shocked at how fast it went.  I wanted to give others a chance to own something spectacular such as this bracelet, so I decided to list this item as a custom, made-to-order piece, which I’m making available in either silver or gold.

I decided to price these custom bracelets based on two things: 1. The metal type (the silver plated brass is less expensive than the gold plated brass) and 2.  The length, since with each 1/4″ four additional Swarovski charms are added.   Something like this makes for a breathtaking gift and with the holidays coming up soon, now’s the time to order!


This is a very full and delicately chunky bracelet that gives off amazing amounts of sparkle and color.  It won’t disappoint, that’s for sure!

You can easily order this bracelet in my Etsy shop via the listing HERE.

Go on, treat yourself or someone special to a gift that will surely impress and delight!