What’s New in Markalinoland?

Hey everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about what’s new in my life and I think it’s safe to say – plenty!

Bye Bye Supply Shop

First of all, due to a few different reasons, I found it best to close down Markalino Charms and Supplies.  I really want to focus more on jewelry design and it really wasn’t feasible for me to run the supply shop.  My biggest mistake with this was being the nice guy and offering too many discounts.  But, it’s a lesson learned and I have no regrets.  My supply customers were all fantastic and I’ve kept in touch with a few and that means a lot because it’s gone beyond just transactional relations.

Swarovski Custom Bulk Charms Available

For those of you who love my handmade Swarovski charms, fear not!  I’m creating listings for Bulk Swarovski Crystal Charms at Markalino  Swanheart Jewelry.

Swarovski Confetti Bracelets

After closing the supply shop, I took many of my handmade Swarovski charms (94 to be exact) that I did in silver and I put together what I call the Confetti bracelet, which is a full “shaker” charm bracelet with a multitude of Swarovski colors.  In fact, no two colors were the same.  Here’s the bracelet:


Now, while this one sold within minutes of my posting it, it can still be custom ordered in silver or gold via my Etsy shop!

Here is one I did in gold (which has since sold):


Swarovski Crystal AB2X Bracelets

I’ve actually gotten orders for more of these, which makes me so very happy and I’m incredibly grateful.  One of the bracelets that was custom ordered was requested in all Light Siam AB2X crystals, shown below:


This led me to offering Swarovski AB2X custom bracelets in my shop and there are 32 colors to choose from!

Myriad Bracelet

I’ve also created what I call the “Myriad” Charm Bracelet , which features countless gemstone, Swarovski and Czech crystal charms, all of which were handmade by me.  It’s much like the confetti bracelet, but it’s more than only Swarovski crystals.  ITEM HAS SOLD



New Earrings

Not only have I been busy making bracelets, but I’ve also been making Swarovski crystal hoop earrings in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold-Fill:


You can see all of my Swarovski hoops in the Earrings section of my shop.

Visit Markalino At These Events

Be sure to come see my jewelry in-person at the Elks Lodge in South San Francisco  on the dates below, between 10am and 2pm:

November 8, 2016:  Women’s Holiday Luncheon and Boutique

November 13, 2016:  Golden State Rods Annual Car Show, Swap Meet and Vendor Fair

These events have already occurred.