Ba-ba-ba-Barbie Face, Ba-ba-Barbie Face

Okay so this morning I was just browsing items on Etsy, checking out rings, to be exact, when I came across these awesome Barbie Face Statement Rings, handmade by the obviously very talented Lauren Smith of The Poshness Monster, based in Olympia, Washington.


Sold, individually, these adjustable rings are embedded with real Barbie Faces. You can choose if you want lips, an eye, or the entire face embedded. You can also request a “creepy” factor of having a Barbie face that matches your own skin tone.

The Barbie Face is embedded into a ring bezel with epoxy clay.  These can be ordered for the very reasonable price of $12 +Shipping.

But it doesn’t stop with just rings, check out these Barbie Face pendants for only $16 +Shipping, which come in different sizes:


Be sure to stop by The Poshness Monster, where you’ll find Kitsch Toys and Jewelry for Retro Individuals.

Of course, I couldn’t help but create a Polyvore set where the rings are the main feature:

Come on Barbie, Let's go Party


About Lauren Smith


Lauren is an artist living in Olympia, Washington who enjoys crafting toys; making kitsch jewelry; and making elaborate felted sculptures. Many of her supplies are sourced locally; bought second hand; or upcylced – everything being colorful, touchable, and fun.

Lauren started The Poshness Monster after becoming a popular fixture at craft markets and her customers wanted a way to see her work year round and purchase gifts for their family and friends outside of the craft fair season.

Laren has studied religious art, printmaking, and fine metal working at The Evergreen Stage College. She indicates that as a “broke college student”, much of her student work was created using recycled paper, salvaged metal, and other upcylced materials. After her schooling, she continued working with unconventional materials and began to sell her wares at local craft shows to help pay student fees and tuition. She still uses unconventional and recycled materials and prides herself on her low impact, yet beautiful creations.